STEP 1 Settlement Group can review your contract before signing. Or alternatively if there is no Agent involved we can complete the Contract for you at no extra cost.

STEP 2 You advise your Real Estate Agent (when buying through an Agent) of your choice of Settlement Agent – SETTLEMENT GROUP PTY LTD 

STEP 3 You apply for finance – take a copy of the contract with you.

STEP 4 You make sure your deposit is paid to the nominated Agent by the due date.



STEP 1 Settlement Group will create a File for you. Conveyancing documents will then be prepared and posted to you for you complete, sign and return

STEP 2 We advise Seller’s Settlement Agent that we are acting on your behalf at settlement

STEP 3 We search the title and check on any encumbrances and ensure you are aware

STEP 4 We follow up and check on your finance approval when due



STEP 1 You or your Broker will forward copies of finance approval letter to your Real Estate agent and us

STEP 2 You arrange to satisfy any conditions on the contract that you are responsible for (ie. Building Inspections, White Ant clearance).

STEP 3 We ensure all conditions on the contract are satisfied

STEP 4 We prepare unconditional documents including an interim settlement statement detailing the funds required from you prior to settlement. We also send a copy to your bank to aid in the preparation of Mortgage documents.

STEP 5 You sign & return our documents.

STEP 6 You arrange an appointment with your bank to sign Mortgage documents.

STEP 7 We make enquiries to relevant bodies regarding outstanding rates and taxes

STEP 8 You arrange Building & Contents insurance & forward a copy of the policy to your bank.

STEP 9 You double check the settlement date with us then arrange a removalist – if the property is tenanted or vacant you are entitled to take possession as soon as settlement is effected, if the seller lives in the property they are entitled to vacate and hand over keys by noon the day after settlement.

STEP 10 You request connection of electricity, gas and telephone services.

STEP 11 You prepare to move



STEP 1 We liaise with your Bank or Broker to make sure they are ready for settlement.

STEP 2 You make arrangements with your Real Estate agent to carry out Final Inspection.

STEP 3 We book your settlement with the seller’s agent and your bank and advise you of the time and date of settlement.

STEP 4 We prepare and Amended Statement and adjust council rates, water rates and land taxes and advise you if extra funds are reuqired



STEP 1 We have Transfer of Land stamped Online or at Office of State Revenue

STEP 2 We attend settlement on your behalf and lodge documents at Landgate if purchase is cash.

STEP 3 We notify you as soon as the settlement has taken place.

STEP 4 We notify your Real Estate Agent and advise then to hand over keys.



STEP 1 You take possession of the property

Congratulations & enjoy your new home!

STEP 2 We prepare and send any final correspondence.

STEP 3 You advise others of your new address & recommend SETTLEMENT GROUP PTY LTD to your family & friends

STEP 4 We send you either the new duplicate Certificate of Title by registered post or a copy of the Title Search showing you as the new registered Proprietor. This will take 3 – 4 weeks

Thank you for your business and we look forward to being of service to you again in the future.