This page provides a brief outline of the range of Settlement services that we at SETTLEMENT GROUP PTY LTD  undertake.


Residential Settlements are settlements conducted on your behalf if you are either Buying or Selling. This includes property you may be residing in or thinking of buying as your prime place of residence or alternatively for investment purposes.

First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers, we understand purchasing for the first time can be quite overwhelming so we will try to assit you in all areas of the Transaction. This includes help with completing your Home Buyers Assistance Fund Application following Settlement.

This is the least known about grant for a first homebuyer, and well worth seeing if you meet the criteria. It was designed to assist first home buyers when they purchase an established or partially built home through a licensed real estate agent. The grant is up to $2,000 and has a maximum purchase price under the scheme of $400,000 to be eligible. The grant is to be used to put towards the costs associated with the purchase, such as;

  • government registration, stamp duty and transfer fees.
  • Settlement agent or conveyancing fees.
  • Professional valuation and inspection costs.
  • Any mortgage insurance and bank fees and charges.

You don’t qualify for the grant if you are buying land and constructing or not borrowing from a lending institution.

For more information on the REBA first home buyers assistance please feel to contact us.


Commercial Settlements are settlements conducted for any commercial property you wish to sell or buy for business purposes or investment.

Vacant Land

Vacant Land Settlements when buying or selling Vacant Land. Also on new subdivisions or Survey Strata properties.

Private Sales

Buying or Selling a Property Privately we will complete the Contract of Sale for you at no extra cost when nominated to carry out your settlement.